Luke is by far the best teacher with which I have ever had the pleasure to study with. His ability to communicate and teach is unsurpassed. His playing is phenomenal and his background in this field is second to none.

As a young man, and as far back as I can remember I had a love of drums and drumming but as many of us has experienced, life gets hectic and time passes quickly and before you relise it the dream becomes faded.

I rekindled my love for drums about 5 years ago and as a mature aged student I had some reservations to having formal tuition. My fears were allayed when I had the good fortunate to connect with Luke.

I have improved greatly as a player under Luke's guidance. I have more facility around the kit, a better knowledge of stylistic elements of various musical genres previously unknown to me, improved coordination, increased motivation to practice in a consistent and productive manner, better technique and technical ability, more musicality in my playing and most importantly I am having more fun doing it than I ever have.

If you are looking for a great teacher, with a variety of styles, and a professional approach to this wonderful instrument then you are going to get all that and much more from Luke Pammenton.

Luke is not just a great teacher, he is a great working drummer, playing in a variety of bands. Should you get the opportunity to see Luke applying his craft you will be in admiration of his ability and inspired by his talent.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Luke as a drum teacher to anyone of any age, Luke's method and style of tuition can take you all the way to becoming the consummate drummer.