My name is Paul and I am 51 and all my life I have been wanting to learn to play a musical instrument but could not decide on which one. I decided to learn and play the drums and by chance a music store put me in touch with Luke, now remember I have never played a musical note in my life and when I spoke to Luke about teaching me he was happy to do so without any hesitation.

His dedication and passion for playing the drums is evident in the way he approaches each student and the way he interacts with the younger ones and even older people like myself. My experience with Luke is one of enjoyment as his teaching methods puts one at ease with the feeling of no pressure and the fact you learn something new each week. At my age I do not want to play in a band but just want to play to music which is what Luke is teaching me to do so, this experience is just priceless, as they say you are never too old to learn to play.

Thank you Luke for taking the time to teach me something which is hard to explain, all I can say is give it a go.